Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas Card 2008

Hello, we are the Leas. This was to be our Christmas card picture this year, if we had ever gotten around to mailing it. As you can see we are the average american family, husband wife two children and two dogs. We live in Tipton county where my wife and I both teach and our kids go to school. I like this picture the most of all the ones we took, you see my wife Terri is a photographer in waiting. So we take lots of pictures. This was the third attempt at a picture to send out, one at Thanksgiving, one two weeks before Christmas and one two days later because of our new addition Maggie. Maggie was the girls Christmas gift that is treated more like a baby than a dog, but that is a whole nother story I will tell later.
Like I said eariler we are your average American Family. I, William, was born and raised across the river in God's county of Haywood county. While attending the University of Tennessee at Martin I found and fell in love with the best person and my best friend Terri, my wife if you have not already figured out. The Lord blessed me on the day I spotted her coming out of the business building on campus, I was to stupid to realize it at the time of course but non the less he did. After about a three year courtship, much to her patience I must add, we were married in June of 1994. Yes this June she has put up with me for fifteen years. We lived in marrital bliss, yea right I know you all remember when you first got married, until Feb. of 98 when the Lord blessed us with our first child Conlee and then again in June 2000 with MarySelle.
We live next door to my mother-in-law Debbie, affectionately known as Honey. Now I had just as well get this out of the way I was not an english major nor do I have an editor to correct my grammer or spelling so if something is wrong read it the way it sounds and know that I had the best intentions and keep the corrections to yourself, remember Einstien was a horrific speller, must be a sign of genious. Anyway I digress, my family is a big one Terri's not so big but together we love them all. Now if you notice I have all girls surrounding me, I think that was God's way of giving me patience that I don't always show. Okay I have always been surrounded by girls I am the middle child with an older and younger sister, After my parents divorced my father married Brenda who had two little girls, they also became my sisters whom I love, and watched grow up under brother's watchful eye. When my mother remarried to Don he also had two girls and a boy they were close to our age, Selle and Anne my birth sisters and mine, they were almost grown so I am not as close to them as I am Emily And Abby, but I also consider them my brother and sisters. If you are confussed its okay maybe later I will identify them in a different post . For those of you who are keeping track thats 6 girls and 2 boys, Don's son Prichard has lived away at school and in Dallas most of the time since Mamma and Don married so my quest for a brother was not to be fullfilled.
Anyway thats us in a nutshell, not to exciting but ever boring just us. My sister Anne started her blog, so when Terri wanted a place to show her pictures I was drafted to write the narritive. I know it pales in comparison to my very talented sister, I still think she should write a book, I will do my best not to bore any of you read this and maybe somtime you might even find a bit of whit or wisdom in my words.
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  1. Oh I'm not that talented. You are too sweet. By the way there is a spell check button. Did you know? Not that I'm complaining. I like the way you write...very natural!