Saturday, January 17, 2009

MarySelle's New Friend

It does not matter where we go William always will see someone that he knows. Since it was the Brighton - Covington Basketball game, I expected to see a lot people but I did not expect to see one of Anne's best friends! Lisa was one who always answered the phone when William would call REALLY early in the morning, on his way hunting or to work, to drive his sister crazy. There are many times that I think Anne slept through these early morning calls! Well, Lisa's mother in law is the principal at Covington High School so Lisa, Todd and their two adorable children came to the game with her. We thought this photo would be neat to show Anne since we spent ALOT of time talking about how fun it was to see Anne & Family at Christmas and how much everybody missed them! We introduced the girls by saying this is Mae's friend and Mae's cousin!!
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  1. Awe... I love it! They are the sweetest kids, and this picture is adorable...It made my night! Love Ya'll!